Vor zwei Tagen schrieb ich meine Post Keine Abstrafung durch Google - PageRank-Algorithmus wurde bereits Anfang August geändert.

Am 29.10. schrieb Loren Baker vom Search Engine Journal, dass Matt Cutts Confirms Paid Links & Google PageRank Update. Matt Cutts sagte gegenüber dem Search Engine Journal:

The partial update to visible PageRank that went out a few days ago was primarily regarding PageRank selling and the forward links of sites. So paid links that pass PageRank would affect our opinion of a site.

Going forward, I expect that Google will be looking at additional sites that appear to be buying or selling PageRank.
Soweit, so gut.

Ich machte einen Einwurf über einen Kommentar:
I believe it’s very easy to explain. Of course Matt has to threat PageRank sellers, but Google used an pragmatic approach. They have only excluded the incoming links to websites from their algorithm. Nothing more. This is the reason why all websites (also those not having bought or sold any links so far) have been “downgraded” with PageRank. Of course Google must explain this in a more mystical and sophisticated way.

I believe that only incoming links from Social Media websites are taken into account for this TBPR-Update. (Blogs, Social Bookmarking, Social communities etc.) - But, at the end, no changes happened in SERPs caused by PageRank.

Danny Sullivan vom Search Engine Land antwortete mir:
Well, I think we had one of the first confirmations of this :)


That’s my official confirmation from Google back on October 7, and I’m amazed people are still pondering what might be behind the drops. Google said pretty clearly those selling paid links would get hit.

I guess I should clarify more. When I wrote that post, Google told me that sites would be seeing PageRank decreased, and that this would rollout over time. Guess I should have put the ROLLOUT in big capital letters. Instead, I thought it was pretty obvious that if sites started seeing PR decreases, they’d know why from that confirmation.

Anyway, as part of our own follow-up on the PR saga, I’ve worked with Barry to try and explain things more:


The key thing seems to be sites that might have been hit for link selling that then started saying they weren’t appear to be getting reverses.

Was hat nun Barry Schwartz, ebenso vom Search Engine Land, in Zusammenarbeit mit Danny Sullivan, geschrieben?

Barry Schwartz schrieb am 29.10.: Google Updates PageRank Again? Adjusts Paid Link Penalty?
For example, one common theory is that Google might be penalizing for excessive cross-linking between sites. This is all speculation, of course -- and it could be that rather than penalizing for cross-linking, Google might simply not be giving as much credit to some links than in the past.

Wenn also Google einfach nur einigen Links weniger Wertung gibt als in der Vergangenheit und alles gar nicht so komplex ist, wie es erscheinen mag, dann bestätigt sich ein Teil von dem, was ich seit 1. August herausgefunden habe und monatelange Tests bewahrheiten sich.

Ein äußerst interessantes Posting lieferte Andy Beard bereits am 27.10.: Real or Fake PageRank Update In Progress (round 3)
The changes could easily be written off as changes in total linkage compared to the remainder of the blogosphere, but it seems like Google have given a penalty to those they could get away with.

In bin wohl nicht ganz allein mit meiner Meinung.

Es bleibt spannend!


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