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Comprehensive research on ping servers results in biggest ever tested ping list

For years I intended to conduct a comprehensive research on ping servers. Usually only those kind of ping lists are to be found that are made with copy & paste. That's why I started two weeks ago and worked on this perhaps biggest ever tested and published ping list. Within the scope of this research I also tested the most famous Multi Ping services/Blog pinger like ping-o-matic, Feedburner's PingShot and three other ones.

What you need to know about Ping servers

First of all it is necessary to notify search engines via ping about your new blog post. Many other services can also be notified about it. In seconds or minutes they will send a bot (crawler) to read your feed or the new content. GoogleBot will sometimes include your new blog post in the Google Blog Search and/or Google SERPs within minutes, if your blog is well trusted.

When we are talking about pinging, there are different kinds of ping, e. g. Blog ping, Podcast ping, Audio or Video ping and Social networks ping. This blog post is about Blog ping.

Opinions differ, but definitely it's a common superstition to ping all known services (and also some of them that do not exist any longer). Experienced bloggers recommend to only use a few very good and important ones and advise against receiving, in exchange for the ping, a bunch of spam comments.

But what is important?

Mostly all of those ping servers are useful in some way. Of course publishing your feed at the most important ones is an unwritten law. On many of them your feed will get listed and republished.

You don't need years of experience, you only need two things: a bit time and the published lists in this blog post. I will describe later how to prepare a list that is perfect for you. Please read first.

At the end it is essential to check those ping servers you use manually from time to time. Visit their websites and try to find out, if they are still accepting pings and republishing the feeds. You should also review them. Even if there is only some spam listed, reconsider to ping this server in future.

Blog systems that support Automatic Ping

Besides of Wordpress also Drupal, Movable Type, TypePad, Serendipity and B2 support "Automatic Ping". And there are rumors about Google Blogger with implemented "Automatic Ping" will soon be provided by a third party.

What about Wordpress? It pings by default.

Wordpress pings pingomatic by default. I recommend not to use pingomatic even if they have five backlinks from Wikipedia... pingomatic pings three ping servers that are not existing anymore and e. g. RubHub, that is only for xfn-enhanced sites. If you don't have a blog that is xfn-enhanced or if you don't even know what is it all about, do not ping RubHub. Furthermore, pingomatic is absolutely not up-to-date. It seems to be that they haven't spent much time during previous months for evaluating and updating their service.

Own ping list or Multi Ping service?

I tested ping-o-matic, pingoat, autopinger, Feedshark and Feedburner's PingShot. Besides of Feedburner's Pingshot I definitely cannot recommend any of those Multi-Ping services. All of them have not been frequently updated or even for a long time. In addition it's absolutely senseless to ping servers that only publish in a special language and do not accept other languages. If you are blogging in English, you don't need to ping Japanese or French or Chinese ping servers.

Comprehensive extinction of ping servers - Ping services that stopped, not working or bad

During the years many ping servers disappeared as you see in our first list. About 50 ping servers failed during my test. Many of them don't exist, some of them do not accept ping and/or will not show any feeds at their pages. But all of them are mentioned in blog posts during the past few months:

Ping services that stopped, not working or bad

Ping services for special languages (for one language only)

In the next step we have to concentrate harder when talking about Ping services for special languages. All of those servers mentioned in our next listing are republishing feeds, as far as possible, in one language. You only have to consider the language you are using in your blog system. Please remember not to use any of them when you don't post in the respective language.

For a better understanding keep this list next to you.

Ping services for special languages (for one language only)
(Ping list (XML-RPC, RSS ping) for Chinese, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish)

List to copy from:

The core of RSS ping servers

With our final ping list we work on a bit harder.

Ping services for all languages

In the first section of this paper you find the Who's who of the most important Ping servers world-wide. If you are searching for Google, Yahoo, MSN (moreover), Technorati or Google Feedburner, you will find all of them here. You may copy this easy-to-use list into your ping list.

Special ping services

The second section contains utmost interesting ping servers. But special ping servers sometimes need special knowledge.

With the first one you update the thumbnail of your blog post and RSS-Feed at Snap shots.

Three ping servers are following for geotagging (and only for this). If you like to ping them, you have to use those Meta-Tags at all of your pages:

<meta name="ICBM" content="33.345678, 7.654321" />
<meta name="DC.title" content="The title of the page" />
<meta name="geo.position" content="33.345678, 7.654321" />

The numbers suits for latitude and longitude of the place you work or live. The very best website to learn about them easily with Google Maps is

Two services that are only for news really allow news only. The "Blog Buzz Machine" can exclusively be pinged through Feedburner. Three services are only for registered users (but it's free), and Rubhub for xfn-enhanced websites as mentioned before. At the end of this section I listed four RSS-catalogues where you can manually register your RSS-feed.

Multi ping - Blog pinger - Automated ping

In third section the Multi ping services Feedburner PingShot, ping-o-matic, pingoat, autopinger and Feed Shark are listed.

Ping services for all languages, Special ping services and Automated ping

Lists to copy from:

How to prepare a ping list

Forget about the first list. Check the second list for the language you are writing in and copy all of those that fit. Copy all of them in the first section of the third list. Make your decisions for the second section, if you want to use Geotagging etc. Overwrite your old ping list in your blog system. That's it.


This research will never finish. It's only a snap-shot. Remember to test all the ping servers you ping from your blog regularly and check, if they...
  • do no longer exist

  • continue to accept pings

  • are (heavily) contaminated with spam
Discover the power of ping. It definitely will help you to achieve your goals and will perhaps make your blog post outstanding from many others.

At the end I am glad to have finished this work and to share it with you. But I would like to banter with you. When you are talking to Chinese people, they emphasize that they are much happier than Japanese, but if you go over those ping lists, you will quickly receive the impression that the Japanese must be the happiest people in the world, because they can use the utmost longest ping list of all mankind.

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Steffen Geyer said...

Ich wünsch Dir viel Erfolg mit der Zukunft als "fremdsprachiges" Blog.

Oder wie wir Engländer sagen: Good Luck!

Wulffy said...

Steffen, schön von Dir zu lesen! Oh yes, thank you!

Mockel said...

Original comment at June 27, 2008 7:11 PM

Think big - talk English. That´s the way! Good Luck to your blog.

Wulffy said...

Thanks a lot, Mockel.

Search Engine Optimization Company said...

wow , what a database on ping servers. I didnt know this topic got so much depth .

Wulffy said...

Now you understand which efforts have been necessary to test all of them. ;-)

WordPress Academy said...

I question your advice about not using pingomatic. Feedburner offers the option to use pingomatic with their pingshot service and they profess to having done their due diligence on the latest trends in update services. So if pingomatic isn't any good, why would WordPress continue to include it as a default, and why would Google include it in their pingshot service?

WordPress Academy said...

Pingomatic must have updated it's service since the time of writing this article, because 2 out of 3 of the services you listed as not working and being used by pingomatic are no longer listed on the pingomatic site.

The other update service you listed as not working on pingomatic,, was purchased by Yahoo and is appears to be working.

Wulffy said...

At date of post and during this testings pingomatic was absolutely not up-to-date. Why should anybody use a ping service that is not up-to-date? If somebody jumps into deep water, you do so, too?

If people get the chance to insert their own ping list with perfectly selected AND working ping servers, perhaps in their language, why should they use anything else?

Wulffy said...

I haven't checked those ping servers and this post since writing date, so I cannot say what happened until today.

G.Shaggy said...

Original post at: January 8, 2009 7:59 AM, deleted because of typing error in link of user name
Well I have checked nearly all of them. But about 1/2 of them are dead links. I have checked them here:

SEO Wulffy said...

Hey G.,

I very appreciate new blog pinger, because the known ones are still not updated and work with many not working ping services.

This post is dated June 27, 2008. Of course there are blog pinger that finished or not working furthermore or change to membership. I have not tested all of them since then, so I cannot confirm how many are today not working.

Your blog pinger looks good. The only thing I can say is that it makes no sense from my point of view to ping Google Blog Search at 100 tlds. If you ping Google Blog Search once, Google knows for what language and countries the post will be.

Regards, Wulffy

arindam Mitra said...

Fantastic list. Even I now become aware of how ping system works. I know wordpress has got a fantastic option for using ping but I’m not sure how blog providers like bloggers, typepad works!! Anyway thanks a bunch for the list.