Paul Potts is a winner

This evening after taking the time to watch a clip from Paul Potts I stopped my work and was lost for words.

Often in life a genius stays undiscovered.

Often people decide from appearance.

Often people get no chance.

Often they loose.

Often for their whole lives.

By accident, someone sometimes gets a chance. And wakes up and notices to stray only through his/her life so far. A very unimportant life. Feeling endless insignificant and disregarded.

But deep in the soul the person had always known to have never been at the right place.

Paul is a common person. Nothing special. His father is bus driver and his mother a supermarket cashier. He had problems at school. But his voice had always been the only solace. In Italy he received vocal lessons that he paid for from his savings. For a short time he worked as salesman in a mobile phone store.

Paul is about to experience the change of his life

Everything changed in Paul's life at 9 June 2007 when he performed in "Britain's Got Talent". For the first time in life feeling to be somebody. For the first time feeling to be accepted.

Please settle back, relax, turn on your speakers and click the little button at bottom right for full screen as 28 million people around the world have done before.

Choose between standard quality:

Paul Potts sings "Nessun Dorma"

and High Definition:

Paul Potts sings "Nessun Dorma" (None shall sleep)
from Turandot, Giacomo Puccini's operatic aria
with special theme from
Aerosmith - "I don't wanna miss a thing"
Main theme from the movie Armageddon (1998)

Now you are lost in words, huh? How awesome is this? What had he felt? What unexpected fortune would have been befall him?

After this semi final winning performance he has won the competition of "Britain's Got Talent":

Paul Potts Semi Final winning performance

"Con te partirò" (Time to Say Goodbye)
written by Francesco Sartori (music) and Lucio Quarantotto (lyrics)

The final clip should not be missing.

The Winner of "Britain's Got Talent 2007" is...

Wonders do happen! Thanks people that supported Paul Potts. Thanks to "Britain's Got Talent" and their jury with Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan to make this possible.

Paul's debut album "One Chance" got No. 1 hit in the UK and has been sold more than 2 million times.

What we can learn from this

Chances like this should help us to realize what is really important for us. People's appearance and beauty is not that important than most of us believe. We should try to find out if their heart is at the right place. And if you are unhappy with your life, with your job or with some other circumstances, stop it or work on stopping it ASAP to find what you suits best. If you know about some persons try to make them happy and support them in any case.

I forgot to mention that Paul had resigned his job as salesman for mobiles via e-mail.

Some day he should be as well known as Andrea Bocelli or Luciano Pavarotti. Perhaps you may recommend him to be part of the Social community of more than 28 million people of mankind.

Paul Potts Official Website
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Information about Paul Potts album "One Chance"

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angesbiz said...

Paul Potts is a very inspirational young man. When he sings, he makes me shudder with his beautiful voice. This is a wonderful example of someone following their dreams and making them come true.

Thank you for sharing all these videos of him. Awesome voice!

Wulffy said...

Ange, it's always a great pleasure reading your comments. I just had to share it, because his story and voice are absolutely amazing! It also touched my heart and soul.

Stefan said...

Deine Artikel habe ich ja nun schon immer mit Begeisterung gelesen, schließlich waren sie immer sehr gut verständlich und höchst interessant.

Heute lese ich nun im RSS Reader etwas von Paul Potts und fragte mich wer zum Teufel das ist. Da auf Wulffy aber nun mal Verlaß ist, öffne ich den Artikel und siehe da, mein Liebling aus der Werbung wird mit einem Blogpost geehrt.
Ja, es gibt durchaus wichtigeres im Leben als das was wir meistens tun. Jeder verdient großen Respekt für das was er tut, egal was es auch immer ist. Jeder hat seine Chance verdient und sollte auch immer eine 2. Chance bekommen.
Ganz großes Kino dieser Artikel, genau meine Meinung.

btw: Da fällt mir ein, dass ich Dir noch eine CD versprochen hatte von meiner Band.

Ich werde es nacholen, versprochen.

Wulffy said...

Stefan, vielen Dank für diesen Spitzenkommentar, der mich zum Lachen gebracht hat. Schön, dass es Menschen wie Dich gibt.

Paul Potts begeistert mich noch immer total, daher stelle ich jetzt auch noch das Video vom Finale von "Britain's Got Talent 2007" ein.

Ich freu mich auf die CD! Hab es nicht vergessen, aber wollte auch nicht nachfragen.

Danke für Dein Vertrauen!

Beste Grüße,