Automatically monitor your competitors' websites for free

Sometimes it is better to know what our competitors are doing. When they start offering new products or showing new data at their website, a solution to get information about that would be appreciated.

If your competitor offers e. g. Sun Shades from special brands and will add new products to his range, how will you get to know it? You cannot manually control it.

How many times you would waste your time with crawling their websites?

A smart head would say: "No problem, I subscribe to their feed!" - Ok, but if it is not available? And if yes, the feed will only inform about their blog posts.

Ok. No solution. We stop here having a break with a cup of coffee and think about something different. Do we?

No! Of course there is a solution from Evgeny who lives in deep Russia.

Our dreams will come true. A real-time update of any selected change of your competitor's website?

How to monitor your competitors' websites

Read the comments mentioned on the website and check the Additional Parameters and Filters carefully. With them you may adjust basic settings: - Additional Parameters

You will quickly understand why I do not want to give further instructions in detail. Some smart heads could use this service for really evil things.

Type in the URL of your choice. The service will automatically insert all links at this page into a RSS-feed. Include the feed into your feedreader. That's it.

So you can monitor e. g. a selected category. If not all pages you want to monitor are linked from this URL, you may use additional feeds to monitor other categories and pages. With any update of our competitor's website you will receive an update of your feed.

When testing, one feature was not implemented. Only the links of a page that are existing, when creating the feed, are monitored. Additional links that will be set up by your competitor afterwards, e. g. new categories, are not taken into account.

As I understand that you do not speak Russian, this would not be the link:, but this is likely more understandable: LinksToFeed

Edit 04.04.2011
Unfortunately this service seems to be terminated. I found a new one:

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty interested in this tool, but why i can not connect to this site?
It returned to "The requested URL could not be retrieved" when i input the url.
Could you help?
Or do you know any similar tools or sites with the same function???

Wulffy said...

Seems to be that this site is gone. You may try to contact them at

Another tool similar to this is

Wulffy said...

Today I found a new service comparable to LinksToFeed. Please find link at the bottom of the post above.