Some of you may know, due to their SEO Tools and Webmaster Utilities. I have visited their website many times, but unfortunately I have never paid attention to their SEO Comics, but last time I did. Some hilarious short SEO Comics caught a great bunch of laugh.

To make you curious I chose my favorite three of them to share them with you:

Rank 3 of best SEO Comics

SEO Comics - website rankings

Rank 2 of best SEO Comics

SEO Comics - Pretty 350


Rank 1 of best SEO Comics

SEO Comics - Google click fraud

You can contribute your ideas and jokes for new SEO Comic strips to Use the e-mail at the bottom of their page!

Please let me know about your favorite SEO Comic. Which is the funniest one for you?

You can find many further SEO Comics at SEO Comics. Have fun and enjoy!

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Mattheosis said...

Those commics are funny especially the first one.

Regards, Matt

Wulffy said...

Hi Matt, thanks for your comment. Very kind of you! If you would ask me another day about my favorites, perhaps I will choose them in a different order and this one would be my top favorite. Never knows.

Regards, Wulffy

RV Dealer said...

These are really interesting comics,thanks for sharing them on this post.

Wulffy said...

Hey, thanks!

Ridho said...

It's a nice comic, do you make it alone ?

Dietmar said...

Lustig lustig... Leider ist es für mich etwas schwierig zu schmunzeln. Ich bin nämlich viel zu lang mit der Übersetzung beschäftigt ;-)

Bis ich es geschnallt habe ist die Wirkung der Pointe schon vorbei :-(

Anonymous said...

Great comics! Thanks for sharing!

Wulffy said...

Hey Ridho, no, they are samples from!

Wulffy said...

Hallo Dietmar, Du übertreibst mal wieder... ;-)

Wulffy said...

Katrina, my pleasure. Thanks for commenting. You're welcome.

SEO Comic, Ranked Hard said...

If you like these comics, you will love our SEO comic "Ranked Hard" found at

Thanks for the link.

Wulffy said...

Man, the first one at your homepage is cool. But the comic at page 2 is great: "Selling text links in word ballons" - Perfectly done! (normally I do not allow advertising in comments, but your comics are really cool)