One group of SEOs gives comments and the others buy links

In fact it is not more honorable to buy links than giving comments on blogs and websites. But both camps have been at war with each other for a long time.

Often it is not possible to read every post in the web on publishing date. Sometimes I roam the web to find some outstanding SEO posts. For some months it has been almost impossible to find any good SEO post in Germany, so I decided to spend my time in reading all over the world (as I did before). You find outstanding SEOs in the US, India, Australia and in some other countries. Only a very few of them go into detail. In the US you find very famous SEOs or even SEO celebrities.

As regular readers of this blog know, I am a very big fan of Rand Fishkin, because he's a SEO with a utmost knowledge and has still the heart at the right place. It's almost impossible to find SEOs that are combining both. Many things Rand got to know by testing and trial and error. Rand Fishkin "Randfish" is the CEO and co-founder of SEOmoz.

I mentioned Rand, because I want to refer to one of his statements as it perfectly fits to the outstanding SEO post I found - although it was not written for it.

"However, today I'm thrilled to see an article ... that's not only impeccably well-written, but informative to even those of in most deeply inside the search industry."

The post I'm referring to is written by Eli Feldblum, a recognized SEO and SEM expert and the CEO of RankAbove (Jerusalem and New York). He informs about the details of SEO spamming and, thus, cites the example of Barnes and Noble's How-To site Quamut.

Read about SEO spamming. Why it brings users, adds content and raises stature. Eli opens our minds to understand that this really helps sites to become thousands of new members and to get noticed. Even more he points out that companies like MySpace, YouTube and Wikipedia would never have got that kind of success without SEO spammers.

Think for example about how many commercial articles and links are published with tricks in Wikipedia, even though against their guidelines:

"SEO Spammers are helping the internet continue to grow."
Eli Feldblum

Read the full article about SEO Spam is Good.

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UsualRedAnt said...

Ola Wullfy!

As you know, i prevere to "spam by comments" or "spread my knowledge" as i call it ;)

Sure, every information enlarges the net, but is quantity the benchmark of culture? Especially YouTube and MySpace are examples of what i call "noninformation traffic". Most of the stuff you 'll find there is not an information in the real meaning of the word information.

There are just no memes ( in it!

In my point of view there should be an gentlemens agreement within the seo-scene to enrich the net, not just enlarge it! We all dreamed the dream of the internet as a tool to give every human beeing the possibility to find USEFULL information from every place.

When i think about all the this-might-make-me-rich stuff like Gina Lisa video or Befreiphone (feel free to ad the US-analogs), i feel that we are loosing the fight against "noninformation traffic". Remeber the times when searching the net wasn´t one click on google but hazzle with metagear? This might be our problem again in the future, if we allow YouTube and MySpace to be common reason why people visit the www.

Hempy wishes!

Wulffy said...

Olá Steffen, wise and experienced words to which I agree to 100%. Cheers, Wulffy

Reed said...

Yes, we must grow the web at all costs.It's already too big to map, so nobody's going to notice if it sprawls further, lol.

The real question is if a smart operator even needs SEO. The answer is a resounding no. The point is to sell links, which does not require search engines.

Just grow your list(s) by giving your people the quality research and writing time that you would have spent buying or building links and you can get a life in the process.

I think it was Don Lancaster who wrote "Greed and incompetence are immutable constants of the known universe." in the early 70's.

Wulffy said...

This is really and truly another way in thinking. Humans imitate behaviour of others and almost all are telling you to buy or exchange links.

I think your comment has changed my point of view.