I am back for a while

From November 19th, 2008, until now I finished in a final stage a new website based on WordPress. I spent 1.200 hours of programming, designing, SEOing and copywriting within a 10 months paid development. Almost no time at all for doing anything else. Of course this website will need my attention during the next 6 to 12 months.

Upcoming blog posts - My promise

I have some problems with the upcoming blog post about JavaScript Affiliate Link Cloaking as some things have changed. But I promise you to publish those posts:
  • "Affiliate Link Cloaking" Part IV and subsequent

  • How to look insert AdSense Ads live

  • How to track clicks on AdSense

Wulffy's SEO Blog will be closed

I don't have the time now for long explanations, but this project "Wulffy's SEO Blog" or whatever called will be closed after the a. m. posts and the final post following. In this final post I will give some explanations. SEO blogs suck.

The Holy Grail of SEO

In a long search of the Holy Grail of SEO I found it after 8 years. The biggest thanks in my life go to construktiv. Though they destroyed with nofollowing their entire Mister Wong some of my most unimportant projects, they opened my eyes. Obviously some time ago somebody told Amazon how to implement the final Holy Grail and this arrested my attention. Only one comment in one of the last readable German SEO blogs paves me the way for localising the Holy Grail of SEO.

The Holy Grail of SEO will be the final post

Don't expect too much from this article. I will not disclose the secret completely, but will publish some insinuations. The way to the Holy Grail of SEO is a long way and only if you will never give up and work continuously on it, you may find it. Already today I can tell you that the Holy Grail of SEO has absolutely nothing to do with PageRank (but you need to understand the background of the algorithm) and almost nothing to do with backlinks. Of course you need a strong page for it, but nohow a few 1.000 backlinks. As I will NOT optimize this blog post (about the Holy Grail), you will only have the chance to get noticed by feed or manually visiting.

"Advanced" SEO does not mean reading at all

Don't give up. Don't lose your time with reading of 90% stupid and again and again recurring SEO articles. Open your eyes and your mind and spy on any detail. At the end if you checked it one hundred times, check it one last time again. Learning and mastering of SEO works on spying and testing. Don't search in this blog for methods of the Holy Grail of SEO. You may not find them.

Ah, forgot to say. You will not need a credit card or PayPal to read this final post. You will not need to download an eBook (eBooks suck). BUT also you will not get gifts for US-$ 450 within this post.

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Anonymous said...

are you kidding us?

Wulffy said...

Definitely not.

Kelvinlls said...

Hi Wulffy, it's a shame that you are leaving social media, and you will be missed. I have tried to follow you on DIGG (though I'm a newcomer on the social media scene). You have some interesting comments here on SEO. I can't form an opinion on it, as I'm learning and totally new to this. I'm just quite surprised of some of the points that you have disagreed on with regards to some common knowledge on SEO using pageranks and backlinks.

Anyhow, best of luck to you and to whatever you decide to spend your new-found free time on.