Positive resolutions

Positive resolutions are not only important at New Year. Yesterday I made my final decision to stop participating in all Social Media. From my favorite, digg, to SU (StumbleUpon), Reddit, mixx and some others. I will not continue. I will not return. Likewise I will stop at blogcatalog.com, MyBlogLog.com and twitter.

Thanks to my best mutual friends

I would like to express my biggest gratitude to my best mutual friends at digg in the US, in Australia, in the UK and more. Mutual friends that care about me, my interests and my submissions. I haven't found them in all other Social networks. digg was awesome, because of the awesome people, not because of digg.

Web 2.0 is only a fake

It makes no sense working for user-generated content. You work for free or maybe earn some dollars from clicking at the advertisements of your blog or website. But they will earn millions of dollars. Perhaps not today. But then.

Social Media steals what is most precious to you

Social Media is your employer, but you earn only a few dollars as compensation for loss of time. The time of your life. Social Media steals what is most precious to you: time.

Whatever you do, do it for you

Whatever you do, do it for you, not for big companies that have tons of money. With every word you write on their sites, you improve their sites. Not yours. With every tag, you tag their sites, not yours. The more tags you use, the more their pages will get optimized. Not your pages and sites. They will be found with your work.

I will remember many of yours

I will go now, but I will remember many of yours. Thank you for your warm welcome. Big thanks for your courtesy. And finally thank you for your behavior towards me. It has always been exemplary. It was always a great pleasure. If you would like to contact me, you may use the a. m. e-mail. All contacts at GTalk will be deleted in a few hours.

I don't know if you read that: Teaser: The Holy Grail of SEO and announcement of closing this blog, but it boosted my decision.

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Anonymous said...

wars das auch mit dem blog?

Wulffy said...

Die Antwort hatte ich gestern geschrieben: Teaser: The Holy Grail of SEO and announcement of closing this blog

angesbiz said...

Hey Wulffy, thanks so much for your friendship over the last couple of years. I'm sorry to lose you in cyberspace however, for the exact reasons you state in regards to time spent on these sites, you cannot be everywhere all the time.

May you be blessed and enjoy your freedom away from the "social media" sites. I wish you abundance in all aspects of life and whatever you wish to do with it.

Whenever I saw your name pop up it brought a smile to my face. Thank you for being a cyber-friend. I will miss not seeing you around but you will always be in my thoughts.

Take care and (((hugs))) to you xx

Anonymous said...

Ah ja naja ich hatte den Post über die Schließung des Blogs gerade erst gelesen. Schade aber O.K. und Danke - war interessant alles zu lesen :)

Mockel said...

Hallo Wulffy,
danke auch von mir für die interessanten Fakten, Thesen und Theorien. Der heilige Gral des SEO wird in dem Moment, in dem er entdeckt wird schon kein heiliger Gral mehr sein. Jeder, der Platz 1 bei Google beim relevanten Suchwort erreicht hat, hat seinen heiligen Gral erreicht. Bis ein Wettbewerber die stets wechselnden Regeln der großen Suchmaschine wieder ein wenig besser verstanden hat. Es hat aber noch nie geschadet, gute Inhalte auf seinen Seiten zu bieten und die habe ich bei Dir oft finden können.
Viel Glück und Erfolg bei Deinem neuen Projekt.

VoP said...

Genau meine Rede - als Webnews an ProsiebenSat1 verkauft wurde... Was soll man dort noch? Und genau, wir, die wir die Site mit Content befüllten, haben den Verkauf erst möglich gemacht.... Für lau.

Allerdings helfen solche Sites wie digg oder yigg, Blogs/sites und damit auch Menschen zu finden, deren Arbeit einen interessiert und umgekehrt.

In terms of generating traffic... you'd have to spend a ton of time, be-friend hundreds of people etc. in order for traffic to increase significantly. Interesting for brand new blogs or for those who try to join the ranks of pro-bloggers....

Yet not as easy as back when John Chow et al started out.

George said...

Hi Wulffy!
I am George from PingThatBlog!
I'm sorry to hear that you stopped doing any Social Media Wulffy!

I sent you a mail!I hope you will answer.
One of the motivators were you to develop my site as we were in daily contact.

Thank you for everything!

I hope you will come back sometime..

I wish you the Best!!