Twitter - #FollowFriday has a problem

I love #FollowFriday @ Twitter, but unfortunately more and more people recommend Twitter users that definitely do not follow back. Tweeters who e. g. are only following 127, but have 3,879 followers. This has no value for you and you waste your time.

Valued and tested Twitter followers with #HQFollowBack

I had an idea and created a solution: #HQFollowBack stands for High Quality Twitter accounts that definitely follow back. Some hours upfront this blog post they were tested if they follow. For testing I have not used or involved my Wulffy account at Twitter.

#HQFollowBack will be published from now on every Friday if being successful.

Wulffy's #HQFollowBack #FollowFriday

Now as this project has begun, let's start with "highly-decorated" and valued real FollowBack fellows @ Twitter in random order:

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C'Ya next Friday!

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Binoj Xavier said...

Thanks for this great List. I will follow all. and don't forgot to Follow me said...

Hi Binoj Xavier, Thanks for commenting. I like the design of your Twitter account and blog! You are a real person, you don't spam and you follow back, so I recommend to follow you:

@WeirdTarzana said...

Thanks for the awesome folower list, i will follow EVERYONE back. YOU ROCK! said...

Thanks, Tom. Your Twitter account is great! I recommend to follow you:

@ChicagoRadio said...

Hi Wolfgang, please feel free to add me, @ChicagoRadio. Thanks for the great list of real people. said...

Hey Chicago Radio, My pleasure. It's too late. I already follow you for some time... :-) Of course I recommend to follow you!