Valued and tested Twitter followers with #HQFollowBack

#HQFollowBack stands for tested High Quality Twitter fellows that follow back (most probably). Some hours upfront this blog post they were tested if they follow.

#HQFollowBack is a new Twitter project that is in private Alpha testing. Some features are still under development. It is not affiliated with Twitter.

In this fifth issue of #HQFollowBack we would like to support you with 140 tested High Quality Twitter fellows. Even if it's the fifth issue, you should better not miss those Twitter Friends!

Important Twitter Tip

You probably know the Twitter follow limits, but sometimes we read things only superficially. So I was "unable to follow more people at this time..." and wondered how this could be possible as I hadn't hit any limit. Only 100 followed and then I was blocked?! What happened? I found the answer. I was sending out Auto Direct Messages with one of the most famous Twitter services... As I very often get more than 250 new followers a day, I hit the limit:

Twitter Follow Limit: 250 direct messages per day

"If you've reached a daily limit, wait 24 hours (or one hour for API requests) and you'll be able to perform the action again."

I would recommend to stop sending out those direct messages.

See Twitter Support: I can't follow people: follow limits

EDIT August 1, 2009: Heilan Yvette informed us that the Direct Message limit has recently been changed and used to be 1,000 DM's in a day. I highly recommend to follow her, so I listed her Twitter account as the first one in the list below.

This week these Twitter accounts are honored by #HQFollowBack at #FollowFriday #FF (in random order):

Look at their interests and topics. Maybe you find some new friends.

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These won't be the results of #HQFollowBack Public Beta. #HQFollowBack will be able to find up to 100% human Twitter accounts if you decide to configure it. Most filters on #HQFollowBack are configurable. You decide who you follow. You decide what you target. Never seen before features for your Twitter Management.

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If any Twitter account is listed that seems to be suspicious on Spam, please comment (anonymously if you like). It will be reviewed and deleted from this listing if applicable.

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C'Ya next Friday!

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Heilan Yvette Grimes said...


I like your idea.

The Direct Message limit was recently changed. It used to be 1000 DM's in a day. I used to respond and individually thank people who followed me, but had to stop doing that because of their change.

BTW I work hard on my twitter account (, don't SPAM, ALWAYS follow back, and always respond to messages sent to me. So, if you'd like to put me on your list . . . said...

Heilan Yvette, I very appreciate your comment and your Twitter account. It looks great! Thank you for the interesting information. I am wondering a little bit about this change of DM limit as I was pretty sure that this was the reason. I hadn't found any other. But I will continue testing. Best, Wolfgang

Unknown said...

This is the site that I was thinking of creating, but you beat me to it! Great site, amazing results, you've done your homework. Congratulations on a job well done. Sincerely, Greg (Gmoney52)

Wulffy said...


Thanks for your comment.

Fortunately those are NOT the results from HQFollowBack.

The results HQFollowBack delivers already now are astonishing and never seen before. If you want to sell something (besides of Spam), HQFollowBack detects and follow real human High Quality Twitter accounts.

Nobody will need to follow 10,000 or 50,000 people where a good deal are only competitors and spammers.

HQFollowBack is currently the only system that can detect humans in this quality. But it is still a lot of work and a big fight against restrictions of Twitter API to make it executable for many people at the same time.

I recommend to follow you: