Valued and tested Twitter followers with #HQFollowBack

#HQFollowBack stands for tested High Quality Twitter fellows that follow back (most probably). Some hours upfront this blog post they were tested if they follow.

#HQFollowBack is a new Twitter project that is in private Alpha testing. Some features are still under development. It is not affiliated with Twitter.

In this seventh and last issue, for the time being, of #HQFollowBack we would like to support you with 123 tested High Quality Twitter fellows.

Development and launch of #HQFollowBack

We are working very hard on this project that should be "The Future of Twitter Management". As it is comprehensive it will take time. We do not have a final planing, but we hope to start with Beta in September and maybe with the final version in October. If you are interested to become a Beta tester and you are a dedicated, experienced Twitter user (and no Spammer) and you are not affiliated with Twitter or any other Twitter service, we ask you to send us your application to beta aaad hqfollowback com. We are interested in Beta testers from the US and Germany.

This week these Twitter accounts are honored by #HQFollowBack at #FollowFriday #FF (in random order):

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These won't be the results of #HQFollowBack Public Beta. #HQFollowBack will be able to find up to 100% human Twitter accounts if you decide to configure it. Most filters on #HQFollowBack are configurable. You decide who you follow. You decide what you target. Never seen before features for your Twitter Management.

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Beside of my Twitter account (@Wulffy) you can follow HQFollowBack's Twitter account. The first design is online: @HQFollowBack

C'Ya soon!

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