It's quiet a long time ago since I wrote a post. No time for that. But now I am proud to present you a solution for Bulk Unfollow on Twitter. It's still not allowed for any application to offer this feature, but I found an article from Laurence that describes the things I don't have to describe now in detail as he did before.

So if you want to unfollow all that are not following you, proceed:

You may know Jason Calacanis from L. A. He's the founder of Mahalo, a great Blogger and entrepreneur. He did some awesome Twitter stuff as well. Visit ManageFlitter, click "Start", Connect to twitter via OAuth and sit and wait.

This twitter application has unfollowed more that 20 million twitter accounts in the past 4 months. Of course you unfollow at your own risk and you have to see if twitter may be angry about it.

Oh, "299 people that you follow are not following you." What a shame. Ok. There are 3 pages with each 100. But do I have to check all of those with 299 clicks? Yes. Seems to be.

Now we return to Laurence's article. He suggests to use a cool Firefox plugin that does nothing else than checking all boxes. Olá!

Read all details at Laurence's article:
How To Bulk Unfollow On Twitter in Minutes

Maybe there will be some day another solution for Your Twitter Karma by Dossy Shiobara?

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